Receive guidance on how to develop a sustainability report that strengthens your internal sustainability while fulfilling all legal requirements and stakeholder expectations.

I would be happy to assist your company

As the Project Manager for the entire work

By proposing a structure and producing the content of the report 

In ensuring legal and/or guideline compliance

By suggesting improvement areas for the next report

Incorporate references to the Sustainable Development Goals, Global Compact, GRI

Produce a communication plan

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References of Sustainability Reports

2019, pages 24-37.

2018, pages 24-37.

2019, pages 36-44.



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Which companies need to publish a sustainability report?

Companies in Sweden that meet two of the following criteria need to report

1. The average number of employees in the company during each of the last two fiscal years amounted to more than 250

2. The company reported total assets for each of the last two financial years amounted to more than SEK 175 million

3. The company has reported net sales for each of the last two fiscal years amounted to SEK 350 million