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"During the last 18 months that we have worked with Susann and Dutt CSR Consulting, she has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the Sustainability Agenda within Hexatronic Group.

As we are a decentralised organisation, it has been crucial for Susann to form and build relationships across the organisation to anchor our sustainability ambitions. 

Susann’s structured and professional approach has been highly appreciated by our subsidiaries and we are now gaining considerable momentum in our work.”

Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO at Hexatronic Group, October 2019

"Dutt CSR Consulting performs and delivers with great accuracy and expertise, to great satisfaction for me as a client. Large sustainability drive - inside and out!”

“Would recommend Dutt CSR Consulting when the company stands for quality, competence and delivery reliability. Can hold together a production of different parts and at the same time have a 'sustainability overview' - of all dimensions."

Susanne Hansson, Promotion & Exhibition Manager

Gothenburg Port Authority, March 2018

"Representing an NGO working in the field of human rights, and more specifically in the very sensitive issue of sex trafficking, it has been a pleasure to work with a highly committed Susann Dutt. It's very clear she delivers with utmost quality, has integrity, being professional and competent in sustainability issues and it's different aspects. 

I really appreciate the careful work, the questioning and improving mindset, but also the ability to understand different conditions and challenges when it comes to norms, gender equality to be integrated in the CSR-programs and policy developments. Susann combines strategic competence with the courage to raise issues as sex trafficking, clearly linked to business travels and the purchase of sexual favours within organisations or during organisational activities."

Malin Roux Johansson , Founder of the non-profit organisation RealStars -  striving to achieve a better world free from sex trafficking, May 2018

"Ms Dutt is highly proactive with respect to the economic, environmental and social responsibility spheres of sustainable development efforts. Her structured, committed working methods always keep these issues at the top of the agenda. Her unfailing advocacy has strengthened the Port of Gothenburg ́s brand and left an indelible mark on the larger community. I strongly recommend her for similar positions in both the public and private sectors. Her talent for languages and global perspective make her highly suitable for international assignments".

Åsa Wilske, Marketing Director, Ramböll, November 2017

"I am pleased to write in support of the character, conduct and qualifications of Susann Dutt as she seeks to establish new opportunities and challenges in the field of sustainable development. I have known her for more than ten years as a research colleague and network partner in port environmental management and sustainable development. During this period, I have been able to note her professional knowledge, see the application of her skills, and observe the social attitude and abilities that she brings to national and international programmes and projects. I can commend her, without reservation, as being worthy of strong consideration for professional posts in the above subject areas of professional practice. I can be contacted for further detail and explanation if required" (excerpt)

Dr Christopher Wooldridge , Christopher Wooldridge, Professor of Environmental and Port Issues, Cardiff University, November 2017

"She excels when it comes to commitment to sustainability issues, capacity for work and quality performance. I have had the privilege of working with her in several different capacities. As a member of corporate management, I value her ability to develop our code of conduct and coordinate other challenging projects. I am particularly proud of the code, which we implemented very efficiently and with the wholehearted support of our staff. The plethora of national and international assignments that Ms Dutt has carried out through the years have provided her with a large network and venue to make her voice heard".

Jill Söderwall , Corporate Management, Vice President, Energy and Cruises Göteborgs Hamn AB Port of Gothenburg, December 2017

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